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an Arkana Education Initiative
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The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
Library Magika Submit Proof of Magical Ability Divina Naturalis Be a Teacher Be a Student

Arcanum is being established as a Library Collecting the Works of Practical Magic for Training and Study among interested Persons of the Ark Beliefs. There are sections referring to magic that reference most religions of this planet ranging from the Maya to the Egypt, The Christians and the Hebrews, and more. These works range from Holy to the Unholy. Included topics range among the profane to the accepted. Magic is a personal experience, not a cult affair. The purpose is to learn the natural of a man, and earn place as a seer, fellow, and among other contributions of organization among one another; to differentiate and make a choice that benefits the unique individual, and learn the ways of our work while selecting your own.

ARCist Codex v.001 is in development
for this fellow of the elluminous

Contact Admissions! admissions@universityofarcana.com
or volunteer to work from home as a teacher.

Arcanum Fellow Practicals
Master of the Magical Arts, Journeyman Sojourn of a Trade, Apprentice of the Trade(s)

Michael is a Fellow of the elluminous. These works are original to the Fellow; A fellow who identifies perspective must write original their personal library with attributed instructions of both Magical and Practical origins. When oath is earned, the last name is removed as given by biological family, and a house is introduced and accepted. The Fellow must also, if masonry or Trade Rank is sought, offer a hand or other tool with purpose to construct, learn, and/or teach a Trade of value to the community. The hand tool learned and taught by this fellow, can be read about as a trade practice.
  • Visu (VIZU) (The 312 page book entitled "the space between") (this book will never be released for distribution, it is making people blind who practice it. If you steal this book, and go blind, I am not liable.)
  • Holography
  • e Spiritus Anima
  • MTV
  • Tooled Trades (occult trade)
  • Arkist / Ark Bible
  • <-- 8192019. started rmeoving "an" from most references. (because it does or does not sound right to me) im not going to divide the firmament or anyhting, but i have this huge collection of data and things dgood and bad, and lot of interest, and i need to build the right way. so what is constructioonist and what is deconstructionist of my own perspectives, and then resolving how to get back to the firm workloads, of evaluting foriegn religions. im also not a fan of the perspectiuve for only construction or deconstruction. so this apprach with a blank slate, refernces while i study it and dtermine if it should be presneted or not. the perspective model remains the prefered approach. -->
  • Divine Naturalis
  • Search by Essay Title


The magical practices, these works are not original to the fellow as written by, and are made available for others to understand magic, while I also form a study.

Ecce Arcanum: The Library of Arcana (developed for the University of Arcana)

The magical arts are important for a fellow study of anArk depending on the color of your art, and where my specialty is white necromancy specific to those who practice the art of VISU as a fellow. For access to library collection, send an email and ask to contact@governmentofanarch.com! You can also research the origin of words used as part of these works by visting Etymology Dictionary.

The Shades

Discover and Contribute! How would we build "The Temple of the Shades" (these society has been discussed since the roman and greek texts, and maybe earlier) for Shadow Arkists of Florida East Coast and Shadow Government for the Elluminous Alter? Send your ideas! For those interested, the natural woodlands and lands, and connection to, is of the arkists. Not neccessarily Magic or the observation of. The arkists represents one of the beliefs among men of Shadow Government, and does not sum the organization. The government angles presented, are earned by this fellow. Arkist of the natural rule is referencing our ark of life is our planet and environment, and we share it with more than ourselves, entrusted and earning to care for it. A shadow arkist would be knowedgeable of the shade experience. and Government of an Ark.com. The shadow arkist designation is earned and is talked about as part of planned educational presentation for understanding the environment around us. I can not tell you the result of one area or another as individuals when comparing experiences, these are your own unless you talk about the experiences while enjoying the area. (Example, the totem conceptualization; practical understading of totem poles is attained in 5 days, no need to bring any totel poles, and is described in the devloping link presented above.)

Quantum Bell Inc. contributes to EcceArcanum with Research of the technical sort

Discover various forms of communication after clicking on this link. You should click i agree to not liable considerations, and proceed to learn more. If you would like to learn more about the research that marleylabs contributes with quantumbell.net, follow instructions on the site. I can begin by clicking here.

This is a public notice. Marley Labs and ecce arcanum c2014-2019+ Sation for play, Zation for work. Editing any laboratory material for correctness does not void cumulative shared copyrights. This is page is developed as part of my belief structure. If you would like to contribute, the copyright on these documents permit modification to content and should retain the names of those contributors making any such modifications to content, for grammer, correctness, or as amended. Perspectives of Space Between Book by Michael Marley, Achieved. Government of an Arch, from a perspective, has it's first private servers! This content is hosted from Florida and Arizona! I research Time Light and PEARL Containers. Marley Labs is a "Labor"atory. Advanced Visualization: AdV. Holography. Evaluations and Interpretation. Magic. The Technology of Man. Viewing and Future Research. Other Terrestrial Hardware and Integration. AP. QuanTunnel Systems. tProject(s) Interface.