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Use a cross to understand this point concept above.

The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
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Shade Experience; Shadow Arkist

Discover and Contribute! How would we build "The Temple of the Shades" for Shadow Arkists of Florida East Coast and Shadow Government for the Elluminous Alter? Send your ideas! For those interested, the natural woodlands and lands, and connection to, is of the arkists. Not neccessarily Magic or the observation of. The arkists represents one of the beliefs among men of Shadow Government, and does not sum the organization. Where their also that government on the hill, during the day. The government angles presented, are earned by this fellow. Arkist of the natural rule is referencing our arch of life is our planet and environment, and we share it with more than ourselves, entrusted and earning to care for it. A shadow arkist would be knowedgeable of the work to earn experience communicating withthe shades. It can take months for some, and other might not ever achieve it.

The shade Experience is accomplished in many ways of what do walking among woods in the dark, and by yourself or not, earned by the experience. This description is for the novice, non magical user. The shade experience on florida east coast is thriving in the tomaka woods region where I work, and presents an opportunity to experience the life of what most people think, is the after life. The person, is required to find a place in the woods, near a large community of any region. The person then selects a spot to sit in the woods, without fire or light and in the night for multiple evenings without either. What is seen, is shown as the shade experience. It is in the dark that we learn to see the light. And the shapes you will not, require you to see. You should have few electornics with you, plus only those life saving devices. Notice how the eyes adjust to the moon light. After some period, you should be able to navigate the woods, or just look around. begin to talk about loud. Using only the star light and the moon light to see the lands around. As you talk, the forrest begins to talk back, like totems, often not understanding what is said.

Discuss the shapes that are shown to you among these trees by whispering when the shapes form in your mind among the bushes or shrubs that you see, and among the moon light through the tree. And try to remember the shapes shown as some series, depending on the shade culture you encounter. (Shade groups are invisible, like looking through a shadow of something, you cant see the shadow but for where it is cast on the ground, or can you? Approaching life in the woods is dangerous, like trying to talk to wolves or possums, imaging they might understand anything you say. The native americans used to stack these depictions like totem poles as a tribute to the other tribes of unseen spirits in the area, the memory of the lands, of the form of the forrest, the shades among the woods. Most americans are told after building homes it was built on graveyard of indians because it is haunted. It is haunted because they tore down the home of their creator, who lived once with the natives across this area. Their teaching seem to vary by region of the state. I am uncertain across other areas of the south as of yet. Keep in mind, when the christians arrived, as a conquering belief, the church often accuses the native cultures and their shade or spirit tribes of being demons, building churches as if to keep away what the christians believe they are opposed to. Where i have little concern for the christians otherwise (Ark roman catholic is not catholic christian. One reveres the construction of a man or life for survival, the other the teaching of a prophet as a way to live.) the promise of an afterlife through nails is typical, with christians dying or staving their afetrlife in coffins nailed shut. The afterlife can be just as dangerous as the woodlands for those who earn passage among shades a memory of the natual gods, who offer there hand as you a pass from this flesh, to the other world or by guide.

A routine visit to these places, encourages contact with the shades and perspective of the original and first kingdoms of earth, under stood only by the brave as the wildlands. The shades help us understand our belief... and are more real to me than profits the forrest can imagine to site next to us. AFter decades of practice... When your experience is done, you can try what is known as a bind to these areas. And where, you become bound to a tree after death, and inhabit the area as if you were alive unseen. Do not tear down the trees of a bind or the shades, or you will be both haunted and cursed, to dirt you become only of this flesh memory!

For those of the advance trade, try to do magic. :) And become a shadow arkist in a few months of practice if you choose that path to seek enlightenment among the government of the shadows or days and moons. The shades are intelligent, and you will need to use your magic to teach them to count or talk while making sounds, earning friends and a hand, this means, they talk with pictures, and sounds. The Tomaka and Timicua woods have a lot to offer, including glowing worms, bugs, and funguses, and also a magical experience across the wildlife and nature they have to offer. The human maps and cartography call this volsuia and flagler county, but the spirits say it has no name that is now our own. our maps indicate the county is name after something else. Be cautious, most belief states demons, and if my dog were to become a spirit, how would it act to me, unseen? Be careful of your contact experience. The church says the natural is evil, and for us, the natural is divine, and nudism is as close to a time light model (theoryofrelativity.net) as man can get. Note The shade experience is done in the woods or wilds at night. The shadow life you see, are shades. The lands and life are billions of years renewed already... What you find with experience is different life at the oldest possible position for life we know, right now on earth. Without knowing their is a real dark side of the spectrum life, Your experience is your own.

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