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Use a cross to understand this point concept above.

The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
Library Magika Submit Proof of Magical Ability Divina Naturalis Be a Teacher Be a Student

Become a Student!

Would you like to learn more about the Arts, or would you like to take seriously the pursuit of the magical arts? You can read the website as a casual experience, and apply to be a student by completing your PMA.

This section is designed as a forum for magical discussion. Once you select to be a teacher and help design the curriculum or to be a student; you will have access to assortmed information and an ability to speak with other people interested in the magical arts in this area or another.

Acces is available by TEXT and email. If you have questions, you can text 386-451-7555 and I can assist you. This is a small school, and i am a fellow entering into a practice to teach and discuss with others. Feel free to ask questions! Their is no charge to attend this school, or to be a teacher.
  • Psychic Ability
  • Paranormal Ability
  • Super Natural Ability
  • Magical Ability
  • Clairvoyance or other duplicable psychic phenomena
Submit your Proof of magical ability and we can help develop these abilities. Some of the research that is done at th elab, is from person experience, and as developing master of the magical arts, I have developed a manual to working in the methods of teach as part of the schools of magic, adding to them my work.

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