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The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
Library Magika Submit Proof of Magical Ability Divina Naturalis Be a Teacher Be a Student

Become a Teacher!

Would you like to learn more about the Arts, or would you like to take seriously the pursuit of the magical arts? You can read the website as a casual experience, and apply to be a student by completing your PMA.

This Fellow Arkist is Executive of Quantum Bell Inc., and of a self Laboratory with my Family name, Marley Labs. My research effort across multiple types of arcane, seeks for the reality of magic, and methods to live a magical life, rather than a mundane of th enon magical persons. I am currently seeking cooperation to teach among persons with tele kinetics, psycho kenetics, hydro or aero kinesics, and other technical ability shown or thought to be supernatural.
  • Teachers might study the history of the magical arts, and work to convey it.
  • They might research and introduce the studies of one type or another, and including those of, by region or type.
  • They might write papers on the arts, or the works as studied by our group.
  • They might collect and teach the magics of their area or others, with some attempt to understand the phenomena.
  • They might work to protect the secrets the of our trade.
  • They might decide to pursue avenue of th etrades, or event to protect that trade and teaching.
  • They might study the legality of practice.
  • They might work with students with technical or other apitude for personal and student gain.
Some of the roles to earned as teacher or other, are compared like learning to do a sport or practice an art like physical conditioning. You can introduce your own study and begin to develop and work with your own ability while teaching others and talking with persons of similair capability.

This is a public notice. Marley Labs and ecce arcanum c2014-2019+ Sation for play, Zation for work. Editing any laboratory material for correctness does not void cumulative shared copyrights. This is page is developed as part of my belief structure. If you would like to contribute, the copyright on these documents permit modification to content and should retain the names of those contributors making any such modifications to content, for grammer, correctness, or as amended. Perspectives of Space Between Book by Michael Marley, Achieved. Government of an Arch, from a perspective, has it's first private servers! This content is hosted from Florida and Arizona! I research Time Light and PEARL Containers. Marley Labs is a "Labor"atory. Advanced Visualization: AdV. Holography. Evaluations and Interpretation. Magic. The Technology of Man. Viewing and Future Research. Other Terrestrial Hardware and Integration. AP. QuanTunnel Systems. tProject(s) Interface.