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Government of anArk
Use a cross to understand this point concept above.

The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
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The Divine Natural; Garden Planet.
"The truth is our garden planet."

an ARK means a natural construction of belief; our ark, Arch, and Arc of life is among our environments, our actions and way of life in the garden, on the garden, or over the garden areas and waters. We pray to the planet when we pray, and to the oldest living creation that is the combined life of earths ecosystems over billions of years. Our creator, with a RULE of the heavens and earth older than our solar systems made of natural radio and light from the oldest of space observations we can make; watched our planet grow. and with dirt, water, and condition, perhaps older than creation of men and beast. I was raised as a Catholic, and consider myself an Ark Catholic, though perhaps alone with such a declaration, it is earned by process of discovery and my understanding of the planet.

Assessing the Age of Earth and the Life of our Planet

For my belief as aspiring fellow, it is noted that by average accrual annually for earth, of mass falling to earth (tons annually) from meteorites and other contributions of foliage or water collection, when divide annual for the estimated mass of the planet, the planet is older than a trillion cycles old. When total mass of the planet is understood as a yearly increment for accrual periods and solar seasons (with some accounting errors obvious, a cycle is the period it takes earth to go around the sun once) The age f the planet reveals it was once as small as Mars, Moon, and Pluto.

If I were to fly into earth orbit, and look back at the planet I just left, I would see the oldest continuously alive single observation I could make; and it is the ecosystem of earth, spanning several billion years. That is our first creation of earth that was successful, and our ark of life as variety of species.

Developing Perspectives

This is my perspective developing on the Internet as part of early development contributions. Government of an ARK. After visiting these websites to read about my perspective, You should write and indicate your own relative to the planet and her ecosystems. Tell in your personal holy works, some people might share them, what you have achieved on planet earth! Indicate your stories and efforts to serve the planets, moons and star in the heavens. The skies, when we look up, are called the heavens, or abyss, to some.) It is where we go when we die... As you live your life, data of your actions on earth stream into the skies (it is called the continuum of information from the skin) and it is all around us. When we pass away, that data flies into space as it always has*, to heaven; where a 1000 light years distance from earth, I could watch the actions of men in 1020 in my day, as if those people of that year were to walk on the surface now. A thousand years from now, I see you when the data of your years reaches my position (not at all distance form earth.) When you take the oath of the elluminous. your are testifying that at no period of observation from distance in the future according to data from your skin and into space, that your actions did not deviate from statement, even to a time traveler.

Some of use prefer to stay on earth, in or on the garden, and serve. As an ARK Catholic, I would be told to trust god, and thus I do. And where I practice magic, the odds of more than natural chance emerge with a means to work. (the gods or dieties teach us to be shepards and caretakers of the garden planet.

Rule, Measurement, and Leadership

A Note about the measurement of the RULE as part of my Belief, and described in piece, at the theoryofrelativity.net. It is an observation that is possble as older than earth, than our star, and our galaxy. There are notes on choosing your oath as man, and you should be careful where the oath is taken as elluminous or other inquiry oand service. The RULE is possibly the oldest observation of perfection I can make in the Universe today, as proven, and that is as old as I can date the first light or radio fathomable in the visible universe, if i could find it to measure. The direction of the oldest living observation is made and we are all a living as part of that observation of life on earth, whether we like it or not, if we live on earth. The planet Mass and the RULE, among coincidence of encounters and long living gods or dieties teaching men to be shepards or providing men knoweldge as part of the arcane knowledge achievements, was here when the animals of earth came into existence, and is still here today. Look at the air infront of you, all the radio and light passing in that space when observing the environment, the passage of that uLINE data in the same place from so many things, where does it make an error. The RULE and Earth have forged a piece of our species among the titans of seasons and other life and natural or un-natural environments.

The RULE is a way to live a life, it is not for everyone, not at all.

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Visit the elluminous to learn the oath, it is not taken lightly (hint), you are immediately challenged when you see it. other men are not my moral authority.

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