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The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
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Magika and Quantum Bell Inc. v1989-v2019+

This section is a reference to Magika, collected and/or taught. Some of this is available online, most is not. The Library section will soon be amended, to show public works or other works among persons studying the arcane, and among EM technologies. (Vatican Holy See sort of stuff.)

anArk Practical Map
  • The Magical Arts; Tier 1, Level 1.
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  • This section begins with entry level to apprentice acceptance, and tier level workshops along with practical studies. These demonstrations and teachings lead into an applied approach by the apprentice and classmates, learning where talent is identified and selecting a pursuit among the accepted practical organization and regulation of those arts.
  • Why study the practical Arts?

In our age, the men allege their use of technology is not magic but it has us experience such descriptions of. At the eccearcanum, we teach you to use the technology of men, your own talent, to fight their machines, to fight with an ancient form of teaching, and to defend your self, family, and communities. Your belief in magic might be nil, and you will still learn from this site. For those others, 6 months after practicing the Space Between book of this library, you will have no doubts for what reality is regarding magic and your own skillset.

The Magical Arts and Healing

This website teaches healing practices. These practices, when compared to "Modern medicine," have an advantage for those studying here. Where work for the key of medicine is important relative to the self aspired (Pioneering) Doctoral of EM fields or Medicine of Spectrum Electromagentic Weapons and Psychology, the depiction here for magical use is not like the medicines of modern men, which work effectively without much work by a person in great need. Some people might compare the alchemy of modern medicine like a little magic spell is would up in each pill a person takes. These practices, help by valuing the doctors of tribes or original thinkers of medicine for original practices that aspire also, as an ART, and these arecombined with a unique practice taught; an effort to inspire better medicine. These persons develop with this class their own alchemy of self and begin to learn that across the evolution of mankind, magic and herbs, enchanting and embuing objects of war or encouragement, has been our medicine and support for untold generations from the (spirits) dieties of our belief. To ignore such an ancient art, for lack of teaching, might be a sin of the naturalist.

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