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Government of anArk
Use a cross to understand this point concept above.

The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
Library Magika Submit Proof of Magical Ability Divina Naturalis Be a Teacher Be a Student

Proof of Magika Ability

Submit proof that you can do magic or produce unusual phenomena with you mind. The PMA requires an application, a demonstration of ability, and a basic description with statements on why you seek additional knowledge. We do not require money be exchanged. This school does not charge the students.

May I someday learn to Govern an Arc (Spark) as a Fellow. Your not permitted to show off. Visit the Government of anARCH to learn more. Sample video is all that is neccessary.

Enchanting Added to the PMA (Proof of magical ability) is the art of enchanting. Because it is such a sophisticated practice, i have demnstrated only the contruction of hand tool, the application of enchant, and problem solved using the practice.

Though this lady did not submit the proof herself, there is only one other person i have located who can govern a spark (govenmentofanarc.com) like me, and is russian female. Here is video, note in these video series, she moves matche stick box through enclosure with shape I have between fingers. This is how i make animals survive the flesh, she moves things with it. Here is video link. There are three early points of belief. Archist a belief in construction of self or other, the Arkist of natural belief, and... If you can submit your PMA as proof of magical ability for U A you might be Arcist I earned my position at the government of spark by mastering the arcist teaching

This information here, is a profile for some of my personal interests outside idenitfing psychic or other ability like areo or telekenesis, for the school. Here is link.

Here are some other references for type of proof to be submited.

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