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Egyptian Arts
The Egyptian interpretations of magic are depicted in this series. These books, ranging from the book of the dead and passage, to the books of other symbols or interpreted practices. This is some of the oldest magic known, and with the ritual symbiology compared in age to the ancients of the maya and inca, or those of asia and northern Europe. The processes of spell casting or imbuing objects might or might not be understood as part of this interpretation for practice before an interpretation of these texts is useful as more than symbiology. For those specializing in this interest, I have placed the books for where found. The Egyptians were known for many magic practices, including a tomb curse that survive several thousand years.

The arts are with influence, here, more so than some assignment of colors. The use of colors is preferred by symbology of phosphor in the mind, a simplicity or spectrum of observation. Influences like the sun, or moon, dieties and life, and among so many more might be part of Egyptian magic.

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