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Necromancy and Lifromatic Arts

This is a piece my chosen practical art, and to begin, some early concepts should be taught about Necromancy and lifromancy, starting first with some details, a few definitions for the words, and then some general information. In my studies and practice, I am able to attain a life beyond the visible flesh for small creatures, amphibians, lizards, small bugs, and more. It is not my intent to throw up on you, if it makes sense, and I will begin this course work with a slow and steady practice approach to producing verifiable result, among the gifted. In this course work you are given no guarantee for the average practitioner of anything more than some knowledge on a topic practiced, different than perhaps others, and additionally influenced by those practical arts already developed among nations and the fellows of our trade. The differences between visible and non visible, communicable and non communicable, and other forms will be distinguished later in this coursework. The topic of necromancy, is discerned as a life from death, and as a product of sourcing, and the topic of lifromancy, is a life from life, a transition. Where one proclaims to raise the dead, the other is an arrive alive art. Because I need to touch the creature I make, it is "virtually" impossible to make remotely a person, or to help another survive the flesh, though in memory the problem is achievable as a thought form.

The purpose of your training here, is to finish the coursework, and after some period of training, you will be offered the opportunity to demonstrate you can govern a spark, aspiring a role with the Government of an Arc. If you achieve, you will opportunity to work with a delicate practice, of which you can later spend your time at anARK making the persons of our beliefs or your classmates.

This path is not for everyone aspiring, and the arts of the other trades individually or as part of a prismatic training, can be aspired, and the gift demonstrated, before an applied approach is taught. Because we are not permitted to show off, we are able as fellows to demonstrate what you are asked to achieve.

Necromancy Introductory Study

Lifromatic Introductory Study

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