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Arcanum Practicals
Why learn the practical magical arts?

Learning the Practical Arts as part of your study is important for many reasons. A well taught student can discern the origins or ghosts with technology, electro-magnetic fields, and the symptoms of weapons use producing visuals or hallucinations, might know the different between the imaginary or not, and the confine and limits of the mind and imagination relative observation and productive art, and with some perspective of the trained or untrained practitioner. Our study is important, and because serve the communities we live in, and the beliefs we are a part of for reason most might not be able to discern, and perhaps retaining the service of a fellow or priest. Occasionally, a person who is taught, might choose more often than not, to fight the problem recognized discerning or understanding the dangers of the practical arts nt only yo the mind of the practitioner or the untaught average person of our communities, but might choose to pursue a route opposed to the dark arts, and choose the holy arts instead, or a path of purity among the luminous Templar of an Ark Belief, either Intelligence and Life or Environment and life as a study. This fellow is of the elluminous, and like most angel names, EL is attributed as defense for an ark.

The study presented here is partially an open study, and what is agreed presentable for the public; is differentiated from that which a person must seek as taught by a fellow or designation of the Arts. An argument or contest from an other practitioner using proper communication, could have the material removed until otherwise noted. No guarantee for public presentation is made. A person who is self taught, is welcome among our rank, as those with a hobby interest, often have a skill set and pursue accordingly. What is presented here is to identify interest, and perhaps a supernatural talent. If you choose to study, your study is self paced, and often offered at no charge. The arts are not for sale, though the services of a practitioner of some skill set might be.

It is important to know a reference to magic relative to our own belief. The catholic teaches me not to practice, of which i was raised by my family and completing the rites. an ARK teaches me to govern a natural talent and to discern the conditions and syptoms as separate between magic and from those of chemical weapons, radiation, and other stress applied from our skies, the soil, the media, weapons and among other methos of industry, environment, and conflict strategies, to recognize and use a strength as I learn to govern an arc that is natural to me. Most important, though other accuse strange, deviation, or perhaps monster, that we wear our genes as the gods and coincidence of the universe intended. Among the leaders of nations for thousands of years, the practical services of magic, priest, and fellows has been sought. Most churches, among the upper tier, have an understanding of magic and also opinion on it. anARK is not a church or cult, and is of the individual. In nations like the united states, they believe in separation of church and state (calling someone god) and offer protection for a natural belief. We might each carry the flag of the nations we live in, and among borders.

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