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Government of anArk
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Arcanum Fellow Practicals
Master of the Magical Arts, Journeyman Sojourn of a Trade, Apprentice of the Trade(s)


This list of magical Grimoires is collected and assembled for presentation here. My specialty is Necromancy, and I am able to help small animals live past the flesh. Confirming it with Laboratory Research. I must be next to a person to perform the service.

In our day of the "holy wars," the humans have sprayed poisons by aircraft on my town hundreds of times, they have deployed weapons under our homes, and with some aspiration of creating ghosts for those men; to hurt them often pretending their guidance in the media tells an imaginary spirit that is a radio line inserted under the home, unconjured by a real magic, to do harm while hitting a button on a computer. Like those persons poisoned, or hurt, stressed consistently, or perhaps near death, the communities members here see ghosts and super natural things in my town, and many have met god during this time; while the Christians call them sick or crazy, pretending we should seek forgiveness from a book of the sands, it is important we learn the skill sets among those who seek, and that what we aspire is not a dangerous to us all.

anArk Practical Map
  • The Magical Arts; Tier 1, Level 1.
    In progress...
  • This section begins with entry level to apprentice acceptance, and tier level workshops along with practical studies. These demonstrations and teachings lead into an applied approach by the apprentice and classmates, learning where talent is identified and selecting a pursuit among the accepted practical organization and regulation of those arts.
  • Why study the practical Arts?

Construction of a Natural Belief Type
This weeks 09152018 additions to spell casting is with healing! (Apprentice level)
Contribute to the article base and discussions. Help manage the website or other support. Class
Volunteer to help sort and present this material, and to Construct the training and the teaching. Email illumuel@governmentofanarch.com

  • You can browse the library collection here
  • You can download from the library using these credentials:

    Online FTP library access has been removed by direction and request. These books are for personal study and dangerous for the average consumer. On this web site you will find a tame introduction presented as courseware to discover the early practical steps while learning about the Arts, before delving deeper into the arcane, which will be available by request.
About The Magical Arts of anARK
  • You will learn about a Natural RULE.
  • Once you are established as anARK, you can choose to be anARK+R, compared to an ARK Catholic, or anARk + the religion of your teaching. Example: I was raised Catholic and Christian... but I found belief of god I understand with science and among the natural understood, and without turning on my childhood belief, an Ark Catholic is a choice. (I,E)
  • Magic is not required training, if A+R is your selection, your religion might discourage or ban the practice of the Natural or in Natural Arts. This should be debated by the student.
  • Compared to Ark Law, so to is magic and belief. Some persons prefer a state of rest for belief like Christians say talking about god or spirits is perceived crazy or sick. AnARK is alive, so to are the spirits and the ghosts, our belief is active and not sedentary; we don't fight our afterlife, we want it, and serve the garden planet to achieve it.
  • Your pursuit of study can be practical, or impractical.
  • You can select a purity for construction of belief, compared to the alchemy of the individual. No template belief is presented, as each of our experiences is unique.
  • You will write your own perspective of the garden planet as a "bible;" and choose to share or not.
Looking for person to volunteer to help with the library and training for interested persons.
  • I am looking for people to help teach classification and type by continents.
  • I am looking for people to help teach the types.
  • I am looking for people to help teach the classes.

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