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Arcanum Fellow Practicals
Master of the Magical Arts, Journeyman Sojourn of a Trade, Apprentice of the Trade(s)

Michael Marley is a Fellow at the Government of anArch. These works are original to the Fellow; A fellow who owns his perspective must write original their personal library with attributed instructions of both Magical and Practical origins. The Fellow must also, if mason or Trade Rank is sought, offer a hand tool with purpose to construct a Trade; and then learn to Teach and Practice that trade of choice.
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This list of magical Grimoires is collected and assembled for presentation here. My specialty is Necromancy, and I am able to help small animals live past the flesh. Confirming it with Laboratory Research. I must be next to a person to perform the service.

This is still being sorted and is in Development.

It is important to know a reference to magic relative to belief. The catholic tells me not to practice, my anARK teaches me to govern it. The conditions of chemical weapons, radiation, and other stress applied from our skies, the soil, the media, and other methos, find strength when I learn to govern what is natural to me. That I wear my genes as the gods and coincidence intended.

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Volunteer to help sort and present this material, and to Construct the training and the teaching. Email illumuel@governmentofanarch.com

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