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Use a cross to understand this point concept above.

The Magical Arts; (Not unlike the Medical Arts)
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Master of the Magical Arts, Journeyman Sojourn of a Trade, Apprentice of the Trade(s)

Construction of a Natural Belief Type
This weeks 09152018 additions to spell casting is with healing! (Apprentice level)
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Volunteer to help sort and present this material, and to Construct the training and the teaching. Email illumuel@governmentofanarch.com

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    Online FTP library access has been removed by direction and request. These books are for personal study and dangerous for the average consumer. On this web site you will find a tame introduction presented as courseware to discover the early practical steps while learning about the Arts, before delving deeper into the arcane, which will be available by request.
In our age, the men allege their use of technology is not magic but it has us experience such descriptions of. At the eccearcanum, we teach you to use the technology of men, your own talent, to fight their machines, to fight with an ancient form of teaching, and to defend your self, family, and communities. Your belief in magic might be nil, and you will still learn from this site. For those others, 6 months after practicing the Space Between book of this library, you will have no doubts for what reality is regarding magic and your own skillset.

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