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Black Arts

The black arts, are, well... dark. And if your a black arts practitioner it is advisable the class has a few instructions for governing the application of those arts among classmates, communties, and other places of public interaction. These arts often deal with consummation and are distinguished from red. Disease, fire, plagues... consummation is a limited perspective offered by the black arts, the variety of choices should be considered as having some purpose when learning, and it is not advisable anyone in this class attempt to raise an evil they can not personally fight on themselves.

anARK, Introduction to healing magic
Black magic is a trickery of mind that can be effective for he right sourcer and a lode stone, and painted with illusions intermingled with realities and coincidences. To achieve it, their are often requisites, and requirements of what is seen. The problem of healing magic as part of the black arts is that of some imagery transference for what is perceived as life. The example is like trying to absorb life from your cat or dog and imagining it makes you stronger. For some practitioners, the process of consumption, or result of other ailment, or condition emerges and the practice as shown does not have the intended affect. A person trained in the arts ight say, but I see the cat shrivel, and around him no other does. A indicator for the reality of the imagined transference. The construction of healing magic from the dark arts... is something of mystery, and where achieving it, is compared to the assembly of a spell. Where, once learn in visu, I can ask what is 2 + 2, and egt the answer 4! But I kno the answer I already knew as part of a sequence. When assembling these construction for the application of bind to object or other necessity, it is important to ensure the math is right, if it make sense, and that when the artifacts are embed, both the process and the other attribute are added.

When working with the practical magic of process and implantation for a personnel spell book; (I might say this I s a neat way to do it, and thousand people might all hold trinkets the results, and of them some are prized for what they can achieve.)

anARK, Introduction to enchanting and imbuing objects

The processes indicated here, uses a small trinket, and can use an everyday ritual. For those of the morbid, your training with the practice might have you with such ability to accomplish a small reflection. Where it is not possible to take, as indicated earlier the life from the cat though some a magic process, you can extract a process that is a comparison. The example, if you partner is well, and you are not, the clean hologram identifies the weakness, and with a right coordination triggers the process of healing. When assembling healing magoc for the dark arts, this is done through many methods, the most useful of which are imbuing a process the sorcerer does not want to do time and again. I use small blow torch and coins or metals, and see the phosphor of the mind on the metal as it sets, put the process into it and or other energy onto the object. You can use clay or hot metals, even enchant guns and other worn objects. For those seeking to activate the embued, some types of setting, you will need to apply a lodestone.

Enchanting an object requires a few attributes for the process to be effective, the item, some method of change a structure that sets cold or hard, and ability of the practitioner to mold the object with the mind while it sets (training intro or master with the complication of process applied or learned, the basic process is similar). The resulting enchantment can be increased or decrease using simple things like magnets, or field emitters, or if you want to complicated relative to the science of imprinting a statue or object, increasing the SAR when making the imbue with output, the apprentice should use the spark to set the object. When learning to become part of government of an arc, the mastery of spark between the fingers is necessary for the application of some magic, or process and function of QBI or other personnel, and for me, an appendage. Some types of enchantment are hardtop set, an example, a soldier wants his gun enchanted with something like RAGE and GOOD LUCK... and to accomplish what the soldier wants, RAGE must be set into the metal as is hardens, if it makes sense, he must be angry with the gun in his hands and while some aspect of the weapon is hardened, having a SAR to his back to encourage the energetic transfer from flesh to enchant requirement. The result like other objects I make with the blow torch and metals, is that feeling when it is held. Over and over again, the same feeling from the objects as imbued. The character of the person, and the types of embodying, are a personal thing and where I would not advise using a trinket I have made, nor would I advise they be lent to others. For those who want the precise energy for setting an enchantment, the example is compared to using dowsing rods and walking over a filed causing the tool to work, the person needs to use a SAR (SAR is a measure of wattage on flesh during exposure or saturation of radio or other energy), even from a tesla coil, to make the pass through combine with the phosphor of the mind, and the resist is what the patron askes for, a gun he get angry at his enemy holding.

To study the magic's of Ecce Arcanum, you must resolve a training indicated in the "space between," one of the first books i've written, and then again, across the anARK Codices, as you become more experienced. The newer version of the book are more precise, and less vague for references or practices now so necessary to the not so lay person. The use once you have begun to practice at this perspective, then helps to evaluate some of the older codecs among the Person of our belief willing to write about their niche or class specialty.

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