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Green Arts

The green art, are selection of the person in this class. These art are often selected by druidic, or other natural beliefs and in accordance with what is natural. The example, a druid might raise animals of the woods they think they are dangerous; a wiccan might call on the spirits for protection, and other types might embrace the place they source their magic from, as the woods and the life in it.

In this section, I will placing a series of libraries from around the world, and with links to selected reading, that the person in this class can purpose, download, and read, and visit those digital libraries. You can also purchase the print from our library here, to keep personal notes with your journal.

Before we begin the process of teaching you magic, I wanted to introduce you to some simple magic of healing. And if that is why you came here, then here is an example. The methodology or methods of application for type or another vary according to the result to be achieved, and if you interested in the way I talk about specific types of magical construction, then participate or keep reading.
anARK, Introduction to healing magic

Healing magic is often some of hardest to learn, but to peak you interest on an old druidic training, you can learn a method of healing attributed the plants of the woods. This is not entirely a healing magic, but the sensation is purity and you will small on the nose the leaves of the tree you choose. The healing arts for the druidic are reliant on mother nature, and the things she provides. When attempting to heal with the art called "green" and referring to lush vegetation, you must place your hand one the tree. If you are skilled in the art, the phosphor will help you touch it, and then breath in through the tree. The feeling... tell me what you think. As soon as you smell the tree in your nose, notice the feeling on your body. For this process to work, you must with your hand connect to the tree, and try to see through it. As if your looking at the world around you like a tree. When you feel the plant and the tree, try to breath with it. When your listening, notice the tree has more than a heart beat. This sort of purity spell, can be difficult to achieve, One the spark in the fingers is achieved, occasionally you can gap the energy between two palms, and when it is assed through the tree, it can be felt going up the arm.

If you interest is in the green arts, there is much more to know about, and come back occasionally and I will have more tips or tricks for exploring the environment.

anARK, Introduction to enchanting and imbuing objects

Imbuing or enchanting objects for the green arts, can be very complicated. Often, these objects have methods to flow natural energies through the objecting like magnet; Not imaginary phosphor, or the affect of 3d displays, but a truth path of energy from a tree, or area, and with some method to focus on the object while the material sets. Complications of this trade include the use of woods, or metals, or specially grown plants. Earth practitioners, perhaps they experienced the small of the tree when they passed the energy from hand to the other (easy enough to complete, see one hand on the other with tree in the middle.) The passage of energy through the material to be set into the object enchanted often has purpose. The examples are the use apple trees, or orange trees, fruit bearing trees... and energy transfer of the person aligned across the type material they might draw from. The magic and energy is set across the material, imbued into the object as it hardens or sets. What is the result. The complication of phosphor into the object is paramount, as men have an ability to manipulate energy, some do, and when done properly, the effect achieved for the item might produce the smell of tree in the nose when it is held after the enchanting or imbue is complete, taste of the fruit holding the item, or more. Other examples of manufacturing items of storms and natural phenomena like Thunder storms or lightening storms, with a natural charge from the storm pass through the object while it is set as hot or cold, grounding the path or not. When the item hardens, what is captured is something the practitioner will later use for magic practice, perhaps comparing why some work and not others.

The method of the green magics are compounding, and some are not, what this means is that it is like building a peanut butter sandwich with shapes, incantations, and seals, and requirements. If I were to ask someone to write down across twenty people how to make peanut butter sandwich and then literally follow the instructions written from each with knife, spoon or fork, peanut butter and some bread... as though I was a machine... the result matters. Statement like put the peanut butter on the breed. Might have me place the jar I peanut butter on the loaf of bread. Of spread the peanut butter on the bread... with what, and how do I spread a jar? It is very precise methods for each spell, and no two are alike among the practitioners, nor do they often reveal what or other. The correct work, gets areal result we sometimes see... and where it is proper, sometimes has an effect on for other people.

To study the magic's of Ecce Arcanum, you must resolve a training indicated in the "space between," one of the first books i've written, and then again, across the anARK Codices, as you become more experienced. The newer version of the book are more precise, and less vague for references or practices now so necessary to the not so lay person. The use once you have begun to practice at this perspective, then helps to evaluate some of the older codecs among the Person of our belief willing to write about their niche or class specialty.

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