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Use a cross to understand this point concept above.


Holy Arts

The holy arts differ from the black arts, with a few primary ways. Where the practical arts are not often recognized as holy or unholy, it is the practice of the apprentice, and later a choice, with knowledge of ways for interaction. The dominant distinguishing characteristic for anARK as a Holy practice, and compared to that of a darker practice of the same type, is that choice of the sorcerer while learning the depth and breadth for the sorts of magic they choose and discover a talent for. Important, because no two spells are exactly alike, though the method of reproduction might be similar. One person of this class might select to read a book of demons, and to raise those demons for some conversation. Another person of this class might choose to raise only angels and deities. And still another, might choose a combination of the two and later determine what a fallen angel or other class of to be returned are among the gates, or encounter situations of refusal or acceptance for an invite to speak in a circle. Another distinguishing characteristics is the sorts of offensive magic and defensive magic. A practitioner of the dark arts might build magical rituals to damage of one type or another, and where a practitioner of the holy arts might determine a forensic study of the identified cast, and learn to break it; for example, without the seal of the sorcery, determine how to reconstruct or destroy and hex. Also, Because the romantic of magic is nether good or bad as a skill, it is the will and wield of the practitioner that determines the perception.

anARK, Introduction to healing magic

I was raised catholic, finished the rites. Healing practices of the catholic include many rites. Some of them, like feeding the spirit regularly, are way to foster the belief of higher form and to foster some method to sustain that form as a reality for the believer. The Catholics have a lot of influence from the romans and Greeks, and emphasis on the human form.

anARK, Introduction to enchanting and imbuing objects

The type of objects to pray or channel the thoughts or prayer, perhaps through a cross, or other emphasis on items worn or held have a more prolonged natural to setting energy then other arts, but work approximately similar to setting some energy while the material used also sets with some attempt to capture a change the result (like magnetizing an object). These might be worn for periods of time, adjusted or other worked.

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