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Use a cross to understand this point concept above.


Holy Arts

The holy arts differ from the black arts, with a few primary ways. Where the practical arts are not often recognized as holy or unholy, it is the practice of the apprentice, and later a choice, with knowledge of ways for interaction. The dominant distinguishing characteristic for anARK as a Holy practice, and compared to that of a darker practice of the same type, is that choice of the sorcerer while learning the depth and breadth for the sorts of magic they choose and discover a talent for. Important, because no two spells are exactly alike, though the method of reproduction might be similar. One person of this class might select to read a book of demons, and to raise those demons for some conversation. Another person of this class might choose to raise only angels and deities. And still another, might choose a combination of the two and later determine what a fallen angel or other class of to be returned are among the gates, or encounter situations of refusal or acceptance for an invite to speak in a circle. Another distinguishing characteristics is the sorts of offensive magic and defensive magic. A practitioner of the dark arts might build magical rituals to damage of one type or another, and where a practitioner of the holy arts might determine a forensic study of the identified cast, and learn to break it; for example, without the seal of the sorcery, determine how to reconstruct or destroy and hex. Also, Because the romantic of magic is nether good or bad as a skill, it is the will and wield of the practitioner that determines the perception.

anARK, Introduction to healing magic

The Lore of magic is important, and short un-fulling history for a quick write i will put here. There is an old story of the Christians, built after the romans and the greeks; the norse, the American Indians and more.... whose belief was placed in the way they were born and they way they learned to survive. The romans would eventually toss the Christians into the Colosseum, and tell them to fight. Believing it was the strength of the man and the smarts, their arch that would win the fight; and some believed it was god that would win the fight. Clearly if two men are pitted a fight, the construction of one and the other... So what did god give the Christians that made them strong? An ark of lifestyle that made them strong; A promise of land, and a belief of it. In america, the natives belief, and my belief of childhood catholic... the construction of myself, the arch of myself... and where the greater spirit of a bear might be an arch bear, a spirit of some construction like it once was.. perhaps of mind... the animals and the people. Rooted again in the region they are from, the norse, like a natural ark, white people had holograms, nobody could see them get off the flesh. Later the sedentary Christians conquering heathens and then fearing the dead would come walk to their homes and haunt after the hunt. They then began nailing the coffins shut, while alleging only they had some afterlife, even offering some laws to abide entrance with a natural chance of becoming something after the flesh having nothing to do with their belief. We talk to our after life, and the Christians want no interaction.... trying to talk among the spirits of the woods they would cry crazy of sounds and light from the person affecting the trees. And again, natural chance was not enough so of course, the rituals of magic forbidden they determine they would feed the spirit of their own people by eating bread and drinking wine regularly, alleged the flesh and blood for their spirit, used to nourish the growth of such form during life, that it could walk away at death. And of course the laymen would try and kill as abomination. Of course, hidden in simplicity for the catholic rites, the practice considered not magical. I have had talent since of was a child, the result of coincidence i think... It is something i concern for some of the notes i think once went missing as first draft of the space between, a simple version and then the more complex of work over the years if ever i meet a person interested in learning more. I did not question my childhood teaching of catholicism less why some people thought a figure of their elevated construction of people at period intervals... and i know like any other the masquerade of heaven in the region, among men who apparently think deities were no longer using the same names, zues, apollo... and even famous events like Loki of the norse, rumored to raise the norse soldiers on the field of battle to chase the risen of the others in the fight , where not used to favor some new round of names... i do not know. Their are some simple practices you will you first learn to achieve, and some more complex actions as you begin to experiment or try to code a object with some energy in a specific way.

anARK, Introduction to enchanting and imbuing objects

The type of objects to pray or channel the thoughts or prayer, perhaps through a cross, or other emphasis on items worn or held have a more prolonged natural to setting energy then other arts, but work approximately similar to setting some energy while the material used also sets with some attempt to capture a change the result (like magnetizing an object). But again a priest of some belief maybe they should not complicate their talent with real energy. These might be worn for periods of time, adjusted or other worked. In this instance, their is the argument of the priest... i think hastily stated, might say to me that i should put my trust for a spirit bind in just a book or serve god well enough the increases the natural chance for you, rather than a idol embed. I would personally argue they place it in themselves... and anything else that would increase the natural chance tending to the observation that necromancers are obsessed with life after death; i would say maybe so is a priest, and where stated here, mass and energy is a real thing. The extent of the holy arts, have many ways to make an object including the use of cremation into diamonds as a soul artifact, or putting an MRI of a person onto a soul idol or artifact shaped like themselves; that the tree of knowledge they ate from would demonstrate scientifically the "magical coding" is real and not imaginary. It is by design of the gifted, and almost shoved into the object during an energy event of some design, that the sorcerer or priest of the arts make a functioning piece. The Egyptians would bind their souls to the preserved flesh and occasionally statues. The maya and other people in china or india have also done the same... dispersed so frequently and understood by so many is the haunting of artifacts, what is presented is a method to understand this work as a trade and seek from professionals the service if they offer it, or it is selected as some work of the holy art specifically without construed "of some demon" according to some belief. Perhaps some would use these modes as more prevalent in later work, and where concerned for the holy introduction, it is the argument for what is the object to use, when substance must survive decay; and arguing the making of deliberately haunted objects is not an offense of anything but sensibility of a priest who would use his cross instead of a statue or idol; and who might not want the soul bound to anything outside the box nailed shut.

To study the magic's of Ecce Arcanum, you must resolve a training indicated in the "space between," one of the first books i've written, and then again, across the anARK Codices, as you become more experienced. The newer version of the book are more precise, and less vague for references or practices now so necessary to the not so lay person. The use once you have begun to practice at this perspective, then helps to evaluate some of the older codecs among the Person of our belief willing to write about their niche or class specialty.

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