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Prismatic Arts
The prismatic arts are not necessarily a combination of other trade practices of skillsets. I could allege this skillset set might use a little of all the other heling propositions here and has assembled as some observation as a spectrum, required to produce some result of whole light. The use of circles or other methods here, is arbitrary concerning the total of shapes or characters that should mean something to the person practicing, not so much everyone else, unless their is some sort of perception they are attempting to entwine into the presentation of use of specific symbol sets.

A prismatic practice might be well verse in the other colors, and have some original or learned method for applying these in some way according to process. the skillset of the practitioner means a lot. The lay person citing magic will say a few words... the masters of the trade will assemble an encyclopedia of instructions before it is said a true cast, and denting on the mineral set it is cast with or circumstances. As part of this practice, I consider the interaction among the practices, and where mentioned are basic magic sets, the more complex sets are not as easy as a routine. These practitioners might have some result, and set on the table a bunch of pieces, and assembling must remember how they work while set into mineral or process, and then when constructing, know how they are triggered, and then ultimately find some measureable result or failures. As an apprentice, this person ight collect may ways of healing, and say they work together well, or apply some other routine. When working with these methods, they must be seen.

anARK, Introduction to enchanting and imbuing objects

Enchanting and imbuing as a prismatic art, I have yet to achieve. I will be honest, though the process here I can describe in part, but fear it better left to higher level work for the complexity of the practitioners placing into the object for some result multi attributes of energies to produce some greater thing or result. These complicated problems could have the mind filled with a series of instructions and more, and when assembled set into the objects or the area, and difficult to confuse or find. This art is I perceive, a rainbow of practices. The example for imbuing, is the production of magnet producing field, set as magnetic when the spell is cast onto hard channel (wiring, conduit) the material being magnetized, and then applied to the hilt of the item, producing the characteristic response as coded signal from a constant energy source and imbued art. The prismatic arts, might innovate ways to encoded energy or more onto a thing, and for reasons of their own, that complexity perhaps protected; the example, like the statues of the Egyptians, and soul bound materials, they were transferred into those items, hit by lightening while holding a sword, or... some sort of energy pass through the item and set it.

There are many people who would allege the magic's are not real, that the spells of the ancient or the methods of the angels, are but an illusion to one another. And where some possible affect might only be doe to those who know the magic, or hear it cast. The use of weapons in this age, attributed magic, but of some exposure problem here and their, are topic to be debated by the black mages. Where the humans assail their victims in this day of electrometric warfare, at ecce Arcanum, we teach you to use this energy. And where the men imagine their radio weapons are invisible, or the craft of their design, we teach you to see these problems. When your coursework is done where you will be able to do more than raise a demon, or affect a computer system and airplane among men with you mind, but you will be able to kill the faces of men you see, applying your training as needed. After practicing this course, you will see the magic you cast, and if you are good enough, so too will others. Like any skill, it must be useful for survival.

To study the magic's of Ecce Arcanum, you must resolve a training indicated in the "space between," one of the first books i've written, and then again, across the anARK Codices, as you become more experienced. The newer version of the book are more precise, and less vague for references or practices now so necessary to the not so lay person. The use once you have begun to practice at this perspective, then helps to evaluate some of the older codecs among the Person of our belief willing to write about their niche or class specialty.

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