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White Arts

The white arts are not specific to holy. These arts often thought the opposite of a black magic, or something the practitioner might believe counters the work of the sorcerer. This topic is not entirely defined, and as work to develop it, the books shown here will be systemically listed as applicable and the class member should check those books out form the library as required for the course, preferring the library to the digital book. It is important to note the need for white or black magic's; often the trained practitioner might build what is simple spell, or compounding spell, and then code it to some physical object or power lines, requiring it be broken or solved. These complexities occur where quads of perhaps hexes, are compounded and stacked as some series of action to be resolved by a series of demons or ghosts helping to achieve a result, or even those of the white magic's and more. When confronting an enchantment, it ia often best to assail it with similar form of magic however designed with some opportune effect. Where the magic of black sorcery has compounding their imaginings into an objet to achieve some real result, to tear it to pieces requires some assortment of other combined magic's, using those demons or spirits for a precise reason and series of actions assailing the hex cast on the object or person. Often magic is coded in multiple ways, and where laying to a person or of object, the spell is compounded by more attributes including DNA of the first order name, permitting release, or even a bind adhering another object or person, and for survivability of a cast until some finality is achieved.

Eccearcanum white magic training, (this section should be developed first, because most people think it is about the devil or something. )

Before we begin the process of teaching you magic, I wanted to introduce you to some simple magic of healing. And if that is why you came here, then here is an example. The methodology or methods of application for type or another vary according to the result to be achieved, and if you interested in the way I talk about specific types of magical construction, then participate or keep reading.

anARK, Introduction to healing magic

I have applied 7 different methods retaining youth, the examples are not modifications, or mods, but practices of attempting to... i am sure their is way to rejuvenate... but i am unsure they work. the example are like going back to yesterday or some period in the past. is it possible to age in reverse? and if i did, would the process find some... position where it does not either. the issue i think is an ability for the body to heal, and i believe this is next. sugars, bad habits, etc, and then to identify or record the healing process, if possible... and apply it in a different way. a spell i can know process for, as a fellow if it makes sense, belief can occasionally find miracles. process to apply as part of a white magic for eccearcanum. most spells are built in the mind before they are cast and applied to physical artifact, and this method, could identify not only the construction of such refinement to magic but a practice that could almost be ritual detox, and later when identified as spell cast for the person, triggers a detox, the mind knows the request is for healing for the way it bound and constructed a personal spell. The comparisons here is asking someone to do something with no experience, or even your self. The construction of the healing spell must be bound to some action of healing you can identify the process of healing with.) A simple way i think to present a healing spell for the site, and then later discuss how magic is applied for other reasoning. Anyway, this might work and could be useful to learn... and where when i cast it on myself, i have both the thoughts of, the knowledge of... I will call it is "HEAL LVL1" lol. -This might be effective, because i do it with cuts and scraps... and where i c*an not consciously discern the action taking place... for bodily function, the body already knows. The development of this, will later add to +practice issue....

so in the next few months i add to eccearcanum and see if anyone is interested in it. as for the construction of a spell, they can not just be cast. the person casting must understand more than what it does, their are interactions of elements, it is configured of the mind, and when it is ready to cat, if it works the first time it royally didn't work... and the process of constructing the result is important, where like machine, each piece and then they work together for some result... the issue here, is that the knowledge of the sorcerer and the skillset of practical application can easily be discerned.

anARK, Introduction to tokens and paths

a lay person might say heal! and that is that! and those of the master trades have observed such process of themselves for purposes as assigning a word to be used, again perhaps a piece to person study. the effectiveness, is for me, not as reassuring, however, the construction of spell, or some process, often must attribute many factors including process, assembly, and result, trigger that identification of bodily process to some characteristics and occasionally the phosphor or arcane knowledge. For those who practice magic, I am unsure to say what I do is magic, but for men, the more i use the shapes and work to assemble results, I've noted i can attribute them function, and with a trusted comparison (i trust my body to heal me) the spell is personally bound, and thus when taught to others, im unsure they should incite anything about the process at all. As a two token spell, bind the word "heal," setting the token prior to this period you begin to cleanse or heal, and then again at the next period when perceived complete, then connect the tokens across the path of healing with the phosphor of the mind, before staging them together reference when you use that word "heal."

However, the effectiveness might be better across a smaller span, and the tokens used for binding the time set with actual healing of the same person. (most people believe this is ritual+ magic (refer here might be healing after something like a scratch or bout of illness), and the truth, is it is not a dark ritual. The two tokens held represent a healing process, and when they have the physical manifestation of that+ spell training held, then this is the specific process bound the word they choose, perhaps "heal." This gives a visual identification of reference with tokens representing a period of time for healing functions, and for some people all they need to do is see a book or some thing in their house to recall a story about it. The binding of the objects to the pursuit of good health, going cold turkey, or... and the psychological benefit is when casting the spell on the self, returned might also be those thought of purity requirements and some memory by the body of physical process needed to heal would or other problems. This is along term spell, and can be build over decade to be the same.

To study the magic's of Ecce Arcanum, you must resolve a training indicated in the "space between," one of the first books i've written, and then again, across the anARK Codices, as you become more experienced. The newer version of the book are more precise, and less vague for references or practices now so necessary to the not so lay person. The use once you have begun to practice at this perspective, then helps to evaluate some of the older codecs among the Person of our belief willing to write about their niche or class specialty.

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